Problem with side scrolling ship

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  • Here try this I have just added scrollto in player behaiour

  • martinDrew Actually fixed and attached this time, . Had to make a new layer for the Robots and place it above the Player layer, then do what I said before I edited my above post and set the Player layer's Parallax value to 0, 0. Just adding ScrollTo like above won't work as the ship will still go off the screen to the left as the camera control itself doesn't prevent object movement.

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  • Shiva I tried to open that file but unfortunately you must be using a beta version of Construct, r179, and the free version is still r178.

    inquiesco The parallax thing worked perfect. I figured out the enemy ship issue, I was more concerned with my ship. I just dropped them in there to see if I set up a level would it still scroll through it I've only been using construct 2 for a few days, doing as many tutorials as I can get my hands on. I'm still a little iffy on using a lot of the events, but I suppose getting that down will come in time. I appreciate the help you guys. Community is a major factor for me when choosing software. You guys are awesome.

  • martinDrew No problem, happy to help! If you have any future questions just include my name in the post if you want me to take a gander and I'll get a notification (though I'll likely see it as I live half in my game developing, half in assisting people). The way I see it, we've all been (or currently going) through learning processes and everyone learns differently, so why not help everyone and see what they can do, . Part of the fun of creativity is seeing what other people can make.

    Indeed, you'll get the hang of it in time, I've spent the last four or five days working on my game full-time as I'm seeing if I can make a career or at least a side job while I study a Bachelor of Education next year and have most of what I need for my type of game under my belt, which is a scrolling shooter... of sorts... so I can probably help you out quite quick, ha ha. But when games are your passion, even jumping hurdles is fun if you enjoy a challenge (or maybe I just like to torture myself).

  • That's awesome, I'll do that. you mentioned it being 1am there, what part of the world are you from? This seems like a very diverse community, people from all over the place.

  • I'm in Australia, but am currently unemployed and starting University next year, so I spend most of my time here lately and in developing my game. If you end up liking the program and the game development process, I highly recommend getting a Personal Licence, as you can then earn up to $5,000 off your game. We spend a lot of time developing, we might as well try and make life a bit easier through the efforts, ha ha.

  • Getting the personal license is next on my list. There's a lot to love about this software, price is one of the good things. That, and free updates. I know the feeling of unemployed. When I first moved to NC I was unemployed for 8 months. Wrote 3 manuscripts and self published one of them(The other two are still being edited) so I try to stay busy even with a job. Making games has always been one of those things I thought would combine all the things I'm interested in (writing, music, gaming) so I'm really interested in telling some good stories through a different medium. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to upgrade. (Please scirra, have another sale!)

  • We're quite alike in our interests, I was writing a novel for a while but have always felt a stronger pull to making interactive stories rather than a pure novel. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing novels and novellas and the power of language, but putting a person into the shoes of the character has so much more immersion than picturing what things look like based upon written description. Keeping busy is great, so many people think "I want to work at ______, it'll be easy just answering calls, sitting around all day and barely having to do anything" and it's boring as hell. I wasn't aware Scirra had a sale, were commercial licences any cheaper?

  • try this demo

  • Sorry, I'd managed to fix it for him in Page 2, .

  • inquiesco nice work and thanks for letting me know. Thank you again

  • inquiesco apparently I can't PM for awhile yet so... Thanks again for fixing that issue. I have another problem that if you guys would like to take a stab at I'd appreciate it. I'm learning about Functions and how to use them. My code works from what I can tell. The problem is that when my bullets switch animations, they don't switch until after the fact. So the bullets come out purple, then switch to blue about a second after the bullet is visible. After 2 days (about 8-10 hours worth) I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

    I can't fathom getting a job and just sitting around doing nothing. If I had one, I'd be writing more novels, or reading the Construct2 manual . At every job I've had, when I have downtime I'm either reading, or writing. What sort of stories do you like?

    Scirra had a spring sale last year, where the personal licenses were $89 I think. I haven't seen one this year, but I wasn't interested in construct 2 until recently I just started a new job with more money, so hopefully I'll be able to get a copy before too long.

  • martinDrew Fixed it for you. You needed to have Call "PlayerShootBullet" with the frame number in it (they were all set to 0). You also had two Events (F On "PlayerShootBullet" that could be combined, thus I did so, and also since you spawned two bullets you needed to set their animation frame twice, one after each bullet spawn, else it only applies to the last spawned. That can be resolved if you put the bullets into a family and just call one line at the end which is changing Bullet -> Set animation frame to be fam_bullet -> Set animation frame, or whatever you call the bullet family.

    No worries for any assistance, happy to help out. I enjoy it, else I wouldn't be wanting to study to change careers from Web Development to Teaching, ha ha. Yeah, I'd fill my time in a dreary job with something similar, something actually engaging so I don't feel like falling asleep within the first hour of arriving at work. Which is what I did at my last job because it was 'web development' but it was 90% copying and pasting 40+ text edits, sometimes 100, then moving to the next pile to implement. As for books and writing, I'm into science-fiction and high fantasy. I also can't stand missing a book in a series, so if I'm at a book store and I like the blurb on the back and the writing style in the first five or so pages, my wallet screams at me as I tear it's insides out and buy the entire series, . Yourself?

    Regarding PMs, just post a bit in different forum topics, and check out Badges, all of which are achievements you can complete to boost your reputation quick.

  • Thank you for the fix! I will study it tomorrow after work. I' m really working on learning the implementation and not just coping it/using it without understanding it. As for books, I'm pretty much in the same boat. Science fiction and fantasy. My biggest pet peave is going into a bookstore and discovering an interesting series, only to find the store doesn't have book one, lol. I also have to read the first chapter, because 99% of the time I know if I am hooked or not within the first chapter. How long have you been using C2? Have you completed any games yet?

  • Happy to help. Many things in C2 aren't accomplished directly, but require understanding of how Events, Objects and Behaviours work. With that under your belt you can come up with different ways to accomplish things that might not be possible if the function itself isn't included (like a random spawn function). Good to meet someone with similar literature interests! I've owned C2 since Jan 2013 but only really started getting into it last Monday, so... been using it for a week, haha. But I come from a web development background, so I find it easy to learn technical things and using various logic to try and get things to work.

    Working on a game at the moment, really complex and I'm loving the challenge, spent around 8 hours working on and debugging enemy AI to track the player if they see them and the player pulls out of range, and they call all their friends in the layout when that happens, . Got a rather large checklist of things to do and loving every moment.

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