Problem with side scrolling ship

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  • thank you. I will go over this. I need a much better grasp of functions before I move on for sure. How long have you been using Construct 2?

    inquiesco Only a week? Impressive. I struggle a bit with logic, but I am learning. an enemy AI sounds awesome, cant wait to see that.

    I do have a list of things to complete but I kept it small for my first game. I want to complete something, not spend several years on a space shooter

  • since feb 2013

  • martinDrew Ha ha, it depends on how ambitious you are and how quick you can be as to whether it's several years, . I foresee at least another few months, but considering my enemy AI is close to what I'm wanting and that's what I consider - at least in my mind, rather than actuality, perhaps - to be the highest hurdle to jump in my checklist, I think the rest will be easier. It'd mostly take time due to the amount of content I plan on adding if anything.

  • inquiesco just got home, so I will be checking out your solution to my issue

    I'm pretty ambitious, and my plan is to have a finished game by December, or at least be beta testing it by then. For a shooting game I probably don't need as extensive of an AI as you're making but there's always fun stuff I can think of for the enemies to do, so you never know I currently don't know how difficult Any aspect of the game will be to build, but from what I have experienced so far I feel like I'm picking it up fairly quickly. I have a much more ambitious game planned for after I finish this one, that will utilize at least some of the things I am doing in this, but I'll have to see how it plays out before I say for sure.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I"m looking forward to seeing what you do with that AI. I'm always interested in unique game play

  • Oddly enough, I had tried the fix of entering parameters into the functions, but I did not change main function at the same time. So I tried both things as a fix, but at separate times, lol. Glad to know I was at least close to the fix, since that means I'm beginning to understand what's going on.

  • martinDrew I'll be submitting a private YouTube video in the next few hours to show where things are at currently, I'll PM it to you. A few niggling issues in the video like Z index on objects but nothing hard to fix, just things you'll find in the video, . Indeed, you're starting to pick up on how functions and calls work, they're can be complex for people new to coding but once you understand them, they're quite powerful.

  • inquiesco Apparently the Scirra website decided to log me out when I tried to submit my reply. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done, although I have no idea what a Z index is yet, lol. I definitely feel like I'm getting somewhere. I'm currently trying to implement homing missiles, but took a break to make enemies spawn instead. So I have something to shoot at

  • martinDrew Ah cool, homing missiles are on my list to do as well, look forward to seeing how you implement them, . Z index is the position of the object above or below others in the layer. For example, if you have a ship and an asteroid field on the same layer but want the asteroid field above the ship, you set the Z index of the asteroid field higher.

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  • Ahh I see, that makes sense. Here's a question for you, in order to actually shoot things, do they have to be on the same layer? I just assumed you could still shoot stuff if it was on a different layer.

  • Indeed you can shoot things on different layers. Can't remember off-hand if the normal collision events will work, but overlap checks will, which act similarly as two objects can't overlap if they've not 'collided'.

  • in order to actually shoot things, do they have to be on the same layer? No they don't

  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

    inquiesco I shot you a couple emails. On the game front, I started fleshing out the levels. I use inkscape to map them out before hand with shapes and text because its fast and easy to do. I'm mostly ignoring graphics in my game until I get a handle on most of the game play.

  • martinDrew Saw them and responded, . Prototyping of visuals and focussing on game-play is always a good idea, once that backbone is established the rest of the game clicks into place for the most part. At least, that's what I'm finding currently with the enemy AI you saw in the video I sent you. Also, once I searched up the game you mentioned I remembered I had seen it! Didn't know it was made in C2, interesting to know that multi-player is feasible for the style of game-play within the C2 engine. Might have to introduce some multi-player in the next game.

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