Problem with LevelZero BubblePop tutorial

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  • Hi,

    I'm doing the BubblePop tutorial in LevelZero and have run into a problem. The instructions are to add

    a system action, which is to create a bubble at the Spawner's X and Y coordinates. I click on Add Action, then

    double-click on Spawner as the object to create an action from. Then I click on Spawn another Object as the

    action to add. I get a window called Parameters for Spawner: Spawn Another Object. I choose the Bubble

    as the object. The next line is Layer, the 3rd and last line is Image Point (the Parameters window in

    LevelZero has a line for X and a line for Y, instead of one line that says Image Point). When I put

    Spawner.X, Spawner.Y into the image point line, the Objects With Expressions window flashes and I get a message that points to the comma after Spawner.X--or to Spawner.Y if I leave the comma out--and says, "Syntax error, expression appears to end before here, are you missing something before it?" and won't let me proceed. What am I doing wrong?



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  • It will spawn on the Spawner.X, Spawner.Y automatically on creating the action. Imagepoint can be left as '0' default for the origin, central point of the Spawner. The act of selecting the Bubble object to spawn on the Spawner will automatically let it know that it needs to spawn it on the Spawner position, without having to set any co-ord position.

    Also to clarify, the field 'imagepoint' does not expect a co-ord position, it is the number or name of the imagepoint you want to spawn at. The imagepoint is a position on the Spawner object itself, the origin (0) is there by default but you can place others that increment 1,2,3 etc and can be named. Choosing this allows you to offset the spawning location on a particular object i.e. if you wanted to spawn bubbles on the very top corner of the Spawner object you could do this by creating an imagepoint(1) and referencing it.

  • Thanks, Plinkie, much appreciated--it worked!

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