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  • Solved.

    Hello everyone, good night. First of all, I do not speak English, forgive my grammatical errors, but I'm using a translator. (a.k.a. Google). Well, I'm new here and I have a very basic problem. Better show than talk:

    As the guides for beginners recommend, I create a "Player Box" to perform the animations of the character - if this could be the error.

    I certainly did something wrong and I can not identify. I've even checked the collisions of the box, the platform and each frame of the animations: that's fine. If it is a useful information, each animation has only two frames - except "Jumping" that has only one. And I'm still using the free version, I plan to buy a license as soon as possible. That's it, I'm sorry for taking your time.

  • It would be better if we could see your .capx, but issues like that are usually caused by either different image Origins or image polygon collision masks, both which are set in the Image editor.

    Ensure all images are same dimensions and have same Origins and Collision polygons.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, you will probably need to give us access to your .capx.

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  • Excellent, they were the origins. Thank you very much!

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