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  • Can anybody help me, please? The objects are invisible in layout

  • I would love to help out but, I think we are going to need a little information. Do you mean ALL objects, no matter what you put on the layout are not visible? Is it happening on every project you create? What steps are you taking to create the project and create the "invisible" object? Could you post the offending project and let me take a look at it?

  • I try to describe it. When I create a new project and put in a new object - sprite, I can see only blue square. The object is there but it's invisible. Maybe this picture help you. (Sorry for my English)

  • I understand that, and I can see from your image it is a Sprite object. When you added it, did a window like the one in the image below pop up?


    This is the place you create the Sprite. Whether you load an image or draw one, this is where you would do it. If you just closed this window, the sprite is a blank image and you get the result you are seeing. If this window didn't pop up when you added the sprite, double click the sprite object in the right menu under either projects, or objects (circled in the image below). That should open the above window and allow you to create your sprite.


  • Thank you for your advice. I double clicked on the sprite object and the editor popped up. But the problem is that my sprite editor allow only uploading images, not creating them.

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  • KYATRIC. Arima can this be moved to 'How Do I' (maybe Beginners)?

    What version of Construct 2 are you using?

    Have you tried 'Reset Dialogs' from Preferences?

    Are your Graphic Drivers up to date?

  • Thank you very much. I tried to update Construct and I think it'll help.

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