How do I prevent my game from freezing when sound is playing

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  • I'm working on a simple topdown shooter and I have recently started to add soundeffects but whenever any sound is playing, my game freezes up for several seconds.

    The worst part is that not only the game itself freezes up, but also my current browser (Google Chrome) freezes up and sometimes even my computer.

    What should I do to correct this?

  • This shouldn't normally be happening, could you share your capx, so we could have a look?

  • Sure, but where do I share it?

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  • Sure, but where do I share it?

    You will need to use a free hosting site, such as provided by Dropbox, Microsoft, Google etc. Try to avoid those that force the downloader to wait or sit through ads.

    Then save your project as a single file '.capx' and upload to the hosting site. Provide a 'public' link here.

    To bypass the posting restriction for new users, just insert a couple of spaces in the URL at the beginning, e.g.

    h <SPACE>ttp<SPACE>://www<SPACE>[/code:2o1gcx23]
  • Here's the capx.Here's a backup file, in case the capx don't work.

  • Woops, forgot about the restriction.

    https: //www.drop /s/9y0wrns36mez2ld /Carbine%20Survivor. capx.autosave ?dl=0

    https: //www.drop /s /pqdrtw 2w7g9nout /Carbine %20Survivor. capx. backup1? dl=0

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