How do I prepare to create a big 1000+ event game with free?

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  • Hi guys, I'm fairly new to construct 2 and thinking of buying it pretty soon.

    I don't really want to put the money down until I think I have something worth investing in though.

    I intend on making a fairly deep RPG style game and will need potentially 1000s of events in total.

    I'm sure others have been in my position before and I'm curious how they handled it, I am thinking I can perhaps just make most layouts/event sheets work independently from each other for testing purposes, and I can pretty simply just join them together when needed, maybe with a few minor tweaks, but not so much effort.

    For example, I'd put the level up code all in 1 layout/event sheet, then all the pause mechanics into it's own separate file, etc... Is this practical? Is there a better way? Thanks.

  • This is pretty much how I'm developing my game. Removing core aspects for new Layouts or new project folders completely. The idea is that I can still have everything built, and if the game gets successfully Kickstarted I could just buy a license and piece it all together easily. Other than Event count annoyance, I have not run into any limitations with the Free edition.

  • I would ask myself if the price is worth the time to put all those sheets together later on down the road. I know for even my ~500 events system it would be a pain to glue all the sheets together from separate projects. Having to make sure all the references to objects and globals are in each game solution would be a mess.

    My advice would be to save yourself a lot of time and invest in yourself, not the game you building. Buy a license!

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  • rpg in 1000 events? good luck with that , tell me if its under 5000 when u finish it

  • One does not simply make an rpg.

    Make 1000 projects that teach you how to do the 1000 mechanics you will need to know.

    Each should be less than 100 events, if not... you're probably doing something wrong.

  • Trust me, if you're new to Construct 2 (or any similar software for that matter), start with a project that is simple and small. You're going to learn a lot from small project that will prep you for making your big rpg. RPGs are huge time investments and can be complicated. Try making the core mechanics, like the battle system, map, menu, etc. in under 100 events each with the free version. Then you can use those are guides to piece together your game.

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