Is it possible to make a game like volfied with construct?

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    I would like to know if it is possible to make a game like this in construct.

    So background would be no problem, also enemy movement will be rather easy with pathfinding / randomisation or bullet behavior.

    I thought about doing some kind of grid, and one could draw the lines with maybe tiled backgrounds. would it be possible pixelbased to reveal parts of a background?

    or is using some kind of grit the only possibility here?

    Kind regards


  • It's a 2d game so it should be possible, even with vanilla C2 (no third party plugins). Basically there's two parts to it: visual and logic.

    For visual you can use sprites or tiledbg for the lines and for the filled in areas you can just break it up into multiple rectangles.

    The logic could be done by keeping track of the edge polygon of the level and dividing it and seeing if a the enemy locations are inside them.

    There was a topic about qix, but I forget if a completed example was made. There's a similar game called quolox or something where an example was made which could be useful.

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  • Thanks R0J0hound , the example is amazing! I will play arround with it a little!

    Dind`t know about quix though or i would have searched for that directly haha

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