Is it possible to don't render a Sprite?

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  • Hi guys, I tried looking around but couldn't find a conclusive answer.

    Let's say I have a 500x500 sprite. I only want it for its many imagepoints that I will set in, so I don't need it to display anything. Is there a way to set it to not display and also not take a toll on memory? For example, if I set its opacity to 0, will it really not use any of the cpu power and memory to render it? Or is there another setting I need to set? I am making this game for mobile so I am trying to be as economical as I can since I will be using lots of them.

    Would appreciate any insight on this. Thank you.

  • Don't make the opacity 0 rather use the action/property "Visible".

    Set it visible "Invisible" and it won't be rendered.

    It still will be in memory though. So if you want to lower the memory usage, be sure to check for the memory usage tips and this article on how not to waste your memory.

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  • Kyatric, thanks you. That will do perfectly. If it won't be rendered than it shouldn't be a problem for my case I think. Because there will only be around 14 different sprites, but the problem was that there will be many of them on the screen at a simultaneous time, I would guess that since they aren't being rendered, cpu and memory will only count the initial ones and not the multiple ones on screen. Thanks again!

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