Is it possible to make AdMob ads visible/invisible by Layer?

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  • I just started using C2 a few weeks ago and these forums have been a HUGE help for me! One question I haven't been able to find an answer to, is if it's possible to add the AdMob plugin to a layout, but only make the ads visible on certain layers of that layout? For example, I only have 2 layouts in my game so far (Menu and Game), and the main Game Layout has a total of 7 layers. 4 of the layers are part of the game and the other 3 are Pause, Game Over, and How-To screens.

    Is it possible to make the AdMob ads visible/invisible by layer when these 3 layers are made visible/invisible? Or is it an "all or nothing" thing for the entire layout? It's hard to test since they don't show up until you're testing it directly on a mobile device. Thanks for the help!

  • Anyone have experience with this issue?

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  • PhaseWon you can decide when ads are displayed and hidden, but ads are always rendered on top of your app, for obvious reasons.

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