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  • To make a good sonic game without loop de loops and physics?

  • There is a sonic game made with construct 2 floating around somewhere - and it is really good. Can't remember how I got it, or if I can share it but it is called SCW2.capx

    693 events

    10 mb memory

    No physics if I remember correctly.

    and author nailed the loops - he did a great job, but never completed it.

  • Loops are the easy part (just a but math) .. making solid and finished game that has some *value* in it.. That's hard.

  • I cant figure out the loops.

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  • Sorry.. not making the capx to test this myself, but this should work.

    Firstly.. lets assume that you are using the regular platform system for movement. Secondly.. that we are talking something that is only one-direction (running from left to right) and the user don't have ability to jump&etc while inside a loop.

    At the bottom of the loop, add invisible sprite that is hit by player running left to right.

    Once the hit happens. Store the player X and Y speed, position etc.

    Disable the platform-behaviour..+ calculate the angular speed (based on loop radius) and

    While inside the loop: keep moving player forward (get x/y coordinates from angle) increasing the angle so that momentum appears to be kept.

    When the player is once again at the bottom of the loop. (where the loop started)

    Kill the angular-move loop, reset the player coordinates (in case of rounding errors) and enable the platform behavior so that player can continue running towards the right.

  • I'm not math smart, so I didn't understand any of that. Sorry, lol.

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