Player sprite falling through platform when at angle

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  • I have a player sprite with the 8Direction & platform behavior, and "floors" which are tiled backgrounds with the jumpthru behavior. Everything works fine when the floors are at a 0 angle. The player can walk over them and jumpthru them. On falling the player lands on the floors as expected.

    But when I place the floor at a non-zero angle (to act as a staircase), on falling the player does not land on the angled floor but falls through it and I cannot understand why. In addition if the player is moving too fast, he will also fall through the angled floor.

    I've tried adding a detection sprite under the player sprite and changing the angle of the player when he jumps, but this doesn't seem to help. The only option that works is to give angled floors the solid behavior, but this prevents the jumpthru behavior from working.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem in the past and I believe this is because you are using the GRAPHICS of the player as the player with weird collision lines.

    A better practice is to use an invisible sprite with PERFECT box or circle collision lines and PIN the GRAPHICS player on this.

    You can also double check that your floor's collision lines are perfect, because any weird angles create possibilities of bugs.

    Good luck

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