Player and bullet behaviour changes with platforms

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  • I am trying to make the player ( And a turrent) shoot a laser, But whenever they shoot a laser the laser goes off track; happens with change in plateforms; see the attachment and please help.

  • Have you looked at the turrets sample that comes with construct 2? I would also look at some of the tutorials for turrets. The nice thing about turrets is you can make them invisible and pin them to other objects which gives you nice multi-direction shooting.

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  • r2cvv I have look at your work and I have found that your image points are wrong. Make sure your image point to proper position. For example if your turret has shooting barrel than your bullet will shoot from that point. Therefore your image point is in center of barrel and not from somewhere else. Also you have Image point 1. You have to specify that points in your code too. I will correct it and then post it to you

  • Anyway it's because you are spawning your laser_beam on layer 0 (the background) rather than on layer 1 (your game layer). Using parallax is just confusing the position a bit - just change events 9 and 10 to Layer 1.

    Here you go - updated capx.

  • Here is your demo version I have modified work from this. It should be fine I have notice you have many image points that does not mach with your sprites. Check them too

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