How do I play videos from IP camera H.264 ?

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  • Hi

    I would like to play a video stream in my project, I added the Media/Video and H.264 source to rtsp :/ / but it doesn't work, why ?

    Camera is ok because it work good with VLC player with address rtsp :/ /

    Any sugestion what is wrong in my project ? Please help me.

    I read the https: / / but I don't know where is bug in my project.

  • Importing video

    Construct 2 does not provide a video importer like it does with audio. You must encode your video files yourself, and then import them as project files.

    Looks like it does not support streaming.

  • I need only video in my project without audio stream, but if there is no support for streaming so why there is avalible option for H.264 source in properties for object Media/Video ?

  • I believe that is just a video format, does not necessarily mean streaming like your rtsp (real time streaming protocol) link.

    And I believe the audio streaming c2 does is progressive downloading.

  • Maybe I can use the .jpg standard only like http : //

    I switch the camera from H.264 to .jpg but there is no result in my project :/.

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  • I do not think that will work.

    You could however try to move images around and have your app fetch the images ...

    Perhaps the camera is able to send its images to a ftp location, which are stored in a folder accessible through a web server, then have your app fetch the images with ajax or if the ftp stores to your app directory, fetch them as project files.

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