Platformer Tutorial: C2 freeze when i import Sprite Strip

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  • Hi everyone.

    My version of C2 is:

    15:57:55 on Oct 25 2016.

    Error encountered: Dec 19 2016.

    I was trying to follow the Platformer's tutorial and i encountered the problem here: ... ame/page-2

    When I tried to import Sprite Strip, C2 froze.

    I tried it a few times, all similar outcome.

    My computer's stats should be decent enough to run C2 properly, and other than google chrome that was on while referring to the tutorial webpage, I did not have any major apps running in the background.

    I took a video regarding the problem that i faced.

    Please advice on how should I proceed.

    Much appreciated. Thanks. ('',)

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  • Are you sure the 'Import Sprite strip' dialog window isn't somehow hidden off screen?

    To test, try 'File/Preferences/ Reset dialogs'.

    I just tested using the latest beta and it worked exactly as the tutorial states.

    Please also state CPU/MEM/GPU/OS so we can see what system you are using. Might help/might not but doesn't hurt to include such info

  • Are you sure the 'Import Sprite strip' dialog window isn't somehow hidden off screen?

    Hi zenox89,

    I found out when the image editor window is a certain size or bigger, it freezes when i import.

    And when it is smaller, it seems to be able to work. weird. considered a bug?

    Please see this video for comparison.

    Anyway, i can continue with the tutorial now. Thank you. ('',)

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