Platform Player Falling through the floor?

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  • I'm still relatively new to Construct 2, but I'm quite sure I've done everything possible to ensure this doesn't happen. My player keeps falling through the floor! The floor has both solid & physics (immovable enabled) behaviors. No matter which is on or off, this still happens.

    I have a unique function with the player (a spider) who, when jumping into a web that you shoot, the control changes from platform to 8 direction. But the events should all be built to accomodate this perfectly, I don't understand. If anybody wants to help, I'd be very appreciative.

    I'll upload what I have of the game so far, if anybody wants to take a look at it. Thank you!


    Kill a fly with venom & then walk over & touch it's dead body to replenish your life meter (which is constantly depleting.)

    Controls ->

    WASD - Move

    Left Click - Shoot Venom

    Right Click - Shoot Webs

  • when exactly your character falling through the floor?

    I've played your game, and never fell down (i think )

  • Perhaps my computer is loading the events in a messed up order due to processing problems? Is that a thing?

  • I will try my game on a faster computer, thank you.

  • To answer WHEN i fall through the floor, it's usually when I fall from a great height/have a fast falling speed.

    Yes i've tried and every time I play the game I wind up falling through the floor. Anyone know if this is a common issue?

  • well, I dont know.

    I suggest you to replace some of your "every tick" conditions, because it's not very effective, and wasting your memory ("later if your target is mobile"),

    for example number 34,

    for "set score",you can insert it on event number 24 & 25.

    and "set ammo" on event number 24 & 38.

  • oh, ok. I'll try it again.

  • Alright so I fixed the "every tick" events, which probably help the memory, but I'm still having the problem. Another point to make is that occasionally the web & venom bullets go through the walls/platforms as well, so I think the problem is definitely with the ground/wall/platform objects. Does Z order play a part in this?

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  • its your collision points i had the same problem , then i read an article about how they had the same issues back in the 90s with 2d games , try adding more collision points have at-least 6 and shape them like a hexagon or octagon as best you can with a diamond like V shape at the bottom , think of it like this a ball will bounce and roll off objects better than a square , a square base and a square object will collide and jam more

  • But don´t go over 9 collisions bcuz it can cause lagg, especially if it´s a mobile game.

  • Hey, I played around with your capx, as others have said the problem is your collision polygon on the spider, I had the same problem before. This happens if an object has a relatively small collision polygon and is travelling very fast - sometimes the movement will take it through an object without registering a hit.

  • Also change the gravity and maximum fall speed (the spider falls too fast, it's hard to control)

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