How do I persist multiplayer through layouts?

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  • I dont think this was clarified in any of the multiplayer tutorials.

    Do multiplayer rooms persist on layout changes?

    Let's say I have a lobby layout where I have the players log in and connect to a room.

    If the game advances to another layout, are these players still in the same room? It doesn't seem to be working for me.

    If I have them join the room at the start of the level, everything works as normal but when I advanced to another layout, player 2's controls now attempt to control player 1.

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  • Yes multiplayer connections persist across layouts. I've modified the chat room example for users to be able to send messages from different layouts to each other.

    However, objects normally do not, and I have no idea how object syncing works when the host and peer are on different layouts. I assume you will need to work out how to handle re-association of objects to their correct peers upon changing layouts on your own. It may be simpler to have peers and hosts change layouts at the same time.

  • I created a lobby layout and connected to the server and room. On my window that I'm testing in, I'm the peer in the lobby but when I go to the first layout, I'm host. To me that seems like something with the multiplayer connection is getting lost.

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