How do I Perform Physics Actions

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  • I'm working on a project and I'm looking to accomplish certain physics actions on a ball object. I've tried different things but I'm not sure of the differences in behaviors. Here's a rundown (I'll add new ones once I get each one working):

    • A conveyor belt mechanic that moves a ball along in the direction the conveyor is facing (mirroring would be needed)
    • Changing the ball's gravity when it passes through a sprite as it moves along

    Hopefully this topic can help others as well looking to accomplish the same/similar physics actions. I was able to get a working 'gear' that rotates once the ball hits it. If anyone's interested in seeing that then let me know.

  • Curious, what exact native behaviors are in use here for what you have so far? A capx may help.

  • Currently all of my objects that will operate have Physics (immovable; drag/drop) and collision turned off whilst I've contained a Physics sprite to each object that will trigger the actual event. It made sense to do things this way so the sprites can animate AND not affect the physics of anything else; following a lot of tutorials really helped out.

    For the 'Gear' object, I created a rectangle sprite and a circle sprite each with Physics (immovable) -> arranged 4 rectangle sprites to the circle in a proper pattern -> Pinned them to my 'Gear' object that has rotation -> Have the 'Gear' rotate when the 'Ball' collides with either the rectangle or circle sprite with a set rotation (max 100 pix).

    I'll get a capx available soon.

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    This version shows my working 'Gear' physics object.

  • After some searching, I was able to get some sort of conveyor belt working. However the ball object gets hung up on the end of the belt AND it looks whatever bounciness it had when it falls.

    Does anyone have the solution to this issue, along with any ways to improve the Gear object?

    Next is trying to get the Anti-Gravity and Blowing Fan objects working in the future.

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