How do I do pathfinding, one grid at a time (roguelike)

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  • I am wondering how to do roguelike pathfinding basically.. where by an AI moves one grid.. after every grid move initiated from the player character.

    Iv seen a few plugins that may help me, but am still lost as to a fairly simple way of going about this for a newbie beginner like myself. What in others opinion would be the easiest way of going about this? (for a beginner etc)

  • I would use this plugin.

    It has a lot needed for roguelike set ups.

    And the path finding is fast enough to be used every second.

    You can also modify the paths easy to take corners.

    Here is a simple, basic, example that i made around the plugin.

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  • Thanks 99Instances2Go.. Im still analyzing how to create a one-grid at a time pathfinding solution, but construct 2 is giving me the message that I can not open up further data on different parts of the event sheet I am looking over (from the demo project from that plugins page) saying I need to purchase full version of construct 2 on order to view the inner workings of the demo project -- Also were you meaning to leave an example because I dont see it on your post:)

  • Ohh kick me. Very sorry 2 be 4getfull. ... .capx?dl=0

    Checked the demo, it is using families. Families are available in the payed version only.

  • Ohh kick me. Very sorry 2 be 4getfull. ... .capx?dl=0

    Thankyou for that.. But I get a message saying I am not using the most up to date version of construct 2. Im using the steam version and have it set to auto update. lol.. sorry.

    edit: its asking for version 242 or newer. I have version 239

  • Download/install the free beta version from ...

    You will need the beta a lot on the forums, most use the beta.

    But, i never used the steam version, i assume it is not overwriting the Steam version.

    If your steam version is still a free version, is say (boldly where no one has gone before) uninstall it, and get the free version from the source (this site). Steam is a nag (my opinion).

  • Awesome ok. Thankyou so much for your help:) Hope I haven't been too much of a pain lol -- I'll take a look at it as soon as I got everything running:)

  • Oh, but i see that the first time that you asked this question goes back to 27 Oct 2009. Its safe to state that we have both patience.

    Although, if you really gonna start using C2 with something complicated as pathfinders ......

    Will a tap on the shoulder do ?

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