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  • It is a side scrolling game where the player has to drag and drop buttons to maneuver the player.

    I am using a parallax layer with drag and drop buttons on it.

    Whenever the button is dropped i change its layer to another layer so that it does not move with the parallax layer.

    Whenever i drop the buttons, they automatically go back inside the main window size, but i want it to stay wherever they are dropped.

    My window size is 1920x1080 and the layout size is 6000x1080.

    How do i make them stop wherever they are dropped.

    Thank You.

  • I think posting a capx would make the problem more visible...

    At least, for ME it would )

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  • now i tried instead of changing the layer when the object is dropped to when the dragging is started then i have changed the layer and rest of the commands i have kept at the object drop event, and now it works perfectly.

    thank you everyone for helping.

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