Parallax =/= 100 makes stuff in layer go somewhere else.

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  • I've bumped into this very VERY annoying error.

    I got this shoot em up project, and I've pretty much completed the first level, so naturally I want to show the hud now.

    So I added a new layer, put it at the top of the other layers, and set its Parallax to 0,0.

    The problem is that the Image objects I add to this layer appear so high above the place where I really put them in, they don't even appear on screen.

    I just realised that I ought to manually place the life bar at the top of the layout. But no matter where or how many life bars I add, even if the "Parallax on Editor" shows me where these life bars are, when I run the game they're nowhere to be seen. And I've literally cluttered the whole screen with them to try to manually calculate where exactly the "real" life bar is at.

    This thing is giving me a really hard time.. IS there an in-depth tutorial on how to handle Parallax? Because it's annoying me a lot.


  • see if this helps: ... zes/page-2

    if not, maybe post a .capx and i'll take a look.

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  • If you'd like to know the exact location of an item, start the game in debug mode, click from the left side list in the browser on the sprite/item you would like to track and you'll find the X and Y position displayed real time so you know where exactly they are.

    That said, it should be fixed where you put them initially on the layout. If not, make sure that you've put them on the correct layer (trust me it happens A LOT). If that is the case, is your HUD layer on top of everything else (common slip up too)?

    Another thing, what happens when you set the HUD layer to the default 100 (or the same speed as the character's layer)?

  • Thanks guys!

    Vallar, I did exactly that, and I finally found out where they were going! I have adjusted them through a bit of trial and error, and they finally appear on screen. Thanks!

    spacedoubt: Thank you too, I've been reading that, and that will certainly come in handy for my other project.

    I guess I can now say this issue is solved.

    Again, thank you very much!

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