Else if or? and spawning certain object in family?

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    to make this more pleasing I've combined two of my questions in one topic


    to change number 2 question


    to change number 2 question


    is it possible to do a else if or if inside one block?

    I tried to do it and it toggles a or between the else if

    making it not work


    is it possible to spawn a certain object in a family by either a objectID or a custom family var?

  • can someone reply to this by tomorrow as I need at least question 2 to be answered to continue my game

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  • For the second question, as far as I know there are no ways to do it as simply as that unless you use the nickname plugin (I think it let's you spawn objects with a string rather than needing to select it, this string could be a variable to change the object actually spawned), I never used it personally.

  • where do I download it?

    on his site there is only links to capx files

    Edit: wait I need to have in based on a number variable so I can increment it by 1 depending on the asteroid type

    Ashley is this even possible to maybe implement or do I have to just use a ton of code for each asteroid?

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