How do I optimize correctly? Low frame rate on android

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  • Hello, noob here!

    I have read through the optimizing tutorials, and checked what I have done, but cannot find anything that would slow down my game to 1-3 fps on android through cocoonjs testing. I have under 400k of graphic assets imported which shows as 7mb og images, only 32 objects in game, yet 20% CPU usage. Hardly any gameplay as it is very early in the blocking prototyping phase.

    It runs smooth on my computer but is useless on my tablet and mobile...

    What have I done wrong?

  • friend please , this issues is repeated a lot of time ... just take look on search button ... tape "optimize" or "performance" and you will find a lot of post and tutorial

    believe me ... read and read what is on forum and you will optimize your game and learn every something new

  • xtraroger

    Without seeing what you have done (i.e. a .capx), it is hard to say what you have done wrong.

    Do you have lots of things happening every tick? Only run events when you need to run events, having things run every tick will slow things down.

    Are all your images bigger or smaller than 512x512 pixels? File size in kb/Mb matters for download, pixel size matters for rendering, the smaller the better.

    Is that 32 instances of objects? Or 32 objects with multiple instances? Do they have animations? Lot's of objects with lots of animations will affect performance.

    What tablets/mobiles are you testing on? Are they really low spec? Computers will always run faster than mobiles.

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  • matrixreal, yes thank you I have actually searched and read what I could find about optimizing for a few evenings now, and the tips are repeated again and again, but I cannot find anything in them that points at something I have done wrong in my project.,,

    Download size is 1.6mb

    memory use 37.5mb

    Events 17

    No animations or effects or blendmodes, and no sprites in the playable layout above 512px, (most are 128 or 64). Only 14 of the 32 objects are instances of the same sprite (to build platforms with physics and solid) and the other 18 sprites are individuals. Only a handful of sprites are visible on screen at the same time so I do not exceed 20.

    I use a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 which is a couple of years old, but it can play much more advanced games with higher framerates and resolutions than my blocky proto-test..

    My 17 events are nothing fancy, just "is touching" this or that then "simulate platform" or "set visible/invisible".

    Perhaps with my limited knowledge it would be best to target PCs and not mobile/tablets to avoid burying myself in constant hardcore optimizing?

  • in this case, we have to see your .capx

    iam sure that something go wrong

  • OK, I think I found the problem.

    For some reason the framrate dropped to 1-3 fps on all demos I tried running on wifi through cocoonjs. The framerate went up to satisfying when I compiled the project and opened the .html file in dropbox on my tablet.

    I blame the wifi testing pipeline

  • i have also same issues when 3G or Wifi is enable and iad are shown

    But, only on old device (iphone 3gs, iphone 4) ... i dont tested yet on android

  • It's impossible to help you to fix this issue without a capx, try to make an example where this error appears, so we can see what's wrong with it. I test all of my projects with cocoonjs wifi preview, all of them works fine, so the problem is not cocoonjs. And i heard about problems with cocoonjs and tab devices, just update the cocoonjs launcher to latest version, and use 2.0.2 version of exporter, all problems with tabs and galaxys were fixed there.

  • I have same problem. In the platform levels it falls when I play on moviles,

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