How do I operate the animations?

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  • Hello,.

    I have a big problem with Construct 2... it concerns its logic.

    I have created a little project to test the Construct 2's (physics engine (which is already better than anything I have seen in its category) to be able to make me a small model for my future projects top.) I put Mario in main character, but the problem is that I decided to do the controls through keyboard and the management of the animations myself. And I come to the test:

    When the game starts, Mario hangs on its animation of jump (while I yet told that fool of software I wanted that Mario uses his motionless animation when it is stationary) then that I haven't even touched on the keyboard. And the worst is that I understand that this is of the conditions of events; But even when I use the condition "it moved", Mario remains on its jump animation.

    It is to wonder if Construct 2 does not have something against me.

    Me finally, I guess that's due to the fact that I have not yet needed practice, so that the sheet of events that takes care of this:This is already long enough that I have such problems with 2D games engines, so if you could help me quickly that would be super!)

    If you can help me, thanks you very much!

    (P.S: anyway, one last request, how could I do to make Mario adapts to the corner of the platform? Here for example: Thanks in advance!)

  • POst a screenshot of animation events and we can tell you whats missing

  • Oh sorry, I forgot ! ^^'

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  • Huh ? Why nobody answers?

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  • I am not exactly sure what the question is.

  • Funkumo to create animation you could do it like this as your example

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