Is it ok to put ads on games that you sell?

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  • Is it ok to put ads on games that you sell?

    I mean, will the customer complain?

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  • The general methodology is to integrate ads and/or IAP in a free version, and the paid version would be add free (but may still have IAP).

    Having ads in a paid version would be very wrong, IMO.

  • I think that paid version can't contain ads. I hate ads if I pay for something ...

  • Sure it can have ads! If you want to get low star reviews and antagonize your customers.

  • Not advisable I would not do it. Customer paying for your game not for someone else add

  • Hmm... what about if I make the proposition such as, $10 for free ads, 1$ with ads

  • What do you think this is?

    Cable television?

  • If you want to market to people that have already bought your game, IAP is the way to go. The insanely small revenue you get from ads is not worth the lost sales. If you feel you're not getting enough by selling it for $1, don't. Purchase rates don't scale, you won't sell 5 times less if you price it at $5.

  • It's nice to hear everybody's opinions, since I never sell any game before nor have any experience about it.

    Currently I'm an Adsense Publisher so my head is geared toward ads.

    I'm grateful to be able to get more perspective on selling.

    I don't know what IAP is, but I'll dig into it.

    Thank you.

  • ekajuan your choice and only your choice

  • ekajuan : price depends on the quality of the app/game too.

    Sell a flappy bird 1$ w/ adds, and 10$ w/o.. you'll get 0 dowloads ^^

  • there is also something very simple:people do not like feeling like a cow that people milk for money.

    Some people already feel (wrongfully so) that since they pay their internet connection they should have everything on it for free, others of course do not feel that way and know that paying for a product helps the ones that did it, but when they see ads on top of the game they paid for, it is just "We know you paid for it, but we might as well make more money so sorry but enjoy the ads", not sure about other countries but pretty sure that this kind of app would be considered either as a lack of respect/big middlefinger, or as unprofessionnal ("did they just forgot to remove ads before making it paid? are they incompetent or just stupid?", sure, it is rude to think like that but thta would be my first reaction).

    it is regarded as a bad practice (ads themselves on a free app are often regarded as such too), so be sure to understand that first.

  • Aphrodite very true LOL

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