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  • I can't get my button to display. I have tried everything. It is set to visible and placed on my layout but nothing shows up when I run my project.


  • Save your project as a single file(,capx) and attach to your post. It's impossible to say what the problem is otherwise. It could be anything, such as from it on a hidden layer. But without seeing what you've done, it will be difficult to help.

  • I have added the attachment to my original post. Thanks for offering to help. I did move the OK button to my tileboard layout and it displayed. I need it to display below my tileboard. Playing around with the window size in project properties, I discovered that if I make the window longer, the button will display. As I downsize it, the button shrinks and ultimately disappears. I thought that so long as the entire button was positioned above the dotted lines, it should display.

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  • you mean like this

  • Yeah. I can see the button is very large. I got rid of the events and resized the button to 35,22 and placed it well inside the window. Unless I make the window very long (700), the button shrinks and eventually disappears. Button is placed at 39,532. I don't want a 700 long window.


  • creith try change line

  • I did downsize button but that wasn't the the real problem. I left my layout longer than my window and the problem was resolved. The window size wasn't the real problem, it was actually the layout size.

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