Can I see all objects in my layout in the Object view?

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  • I'm hoping this is more simple than I'm finding it, but why isn't my Objects View showing all the items in my layout? I have a few different tilemaps in my layout, a player object and a ladder object with multiple copied instances of the ladder object in my layout. Only one ladder shows up in the Objects view. I think that's wrong, or I'm missing the Hierarchy view that most other game editors have.

    If you clone an object in Unity, or Unreal, or GameMaker, that new instance shows up in your hierarchy view (what I thought the Objects view was) along side it's brethren so that it's clear you have 24 ladders in your level, and makes it easy to pick a specific one ... rather than having to click in a preview window, where many many many things may be stacked on top of each other, making it impossible to select the object you want without moving things around.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Very respectfully,


  • Unfortunately there's no 'object instance' view. You can see them all in the Z order window, but you can only double click something to make it flash in the layout view. I would also like a view where you could select individual instances rather than go through the process (with multiple layers) of locking/unlocking layers then trying to select your object. Drives me crazy.

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  • Well, that certainly explains the bug I just filed. I didn't realize the Objects bar was redundant and effectively useless. My next question would be if there's a way to modify the editor to possibly add my own bar or modify the code to the one that's there. If not, I'll find the suggestion box and drop a write up there.

    Thanks for the reply and happy Tuesday to everyone!

  • Yes it is literally redundant as far as I can tell. I'd also like editor extensions as I have a number of things I'd like to add, but no you can't.

  • togamario


    The Objects bar does allow you to select all instances of an object at once. I think that this by it self is very useful.

    Of course the ability to select instances in the Z order bar would be a major workflow upgrade, it has been asked before and I wonder why Ashley hasn't implemented this functionality yet. Perhaps this issue also falls into the subject that the IDE that C2 is programmed on makes changing stuff in the software a difficult and time consuming task. Usually those kind of topics end with a "C3" reference

  • eli0s I actually found that using the Z-Order bar does a pretty good job of doing what I was looking for. I like the extensibility Construct 2 provides for behaviors, events, and plugins, but I wonder if it might be possible to extend that flexibility into the editor itself. Perhaps paying an extra $100 for access to the code base (read-only svn or git), so you could spin off any new editor functionality you need? Unreal has been doing this, and I've enjoyed being able to poke around with such a powerful piece of software.

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