How do I make an object stick to another at collision?

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  • So, I am trying to get an object to stick to another when they collide and make object 1 "stick" to object 2 and remain stuck to object 2, while following it's movement and rotation, until the end of the layout. Example: bugs come flying at the player character from left and right sides of the screen and "stick" to the player character at the point where they collide.

    Is this actually possible to do? I guess Katamari would be a great example of items sticking together and I searched far and wide for something like this in the forums, but all I found was a Katamari reference for Construct Classic with a dead link to the original example file. Would I need to setup numerous image points and have the incoming objects "stick" to the individual image point that they come into contact with, or is there an easier way?

    Thanks in advance for any help that is provided!

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  • using the pin behaviour should work..

  • Condition: object On Collision with butterfly

    Action: Pin butterfly to object

    You're looking for Pin behavior.

    Ok, a ninja got ninja'ed.

  • Thanks a bunch. I just get a mental block sometimes! I was making that a whole lot more complicated than it needed to be.

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