How do i make object spawn but not endless..

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  • I want to make a platform game.. But if i make platforms spawn... it will be endless and it gives an error.. enyone?

    Sorry for my english

  • You likely need to put your "Create" action that spawns the platform in some sort of events that controls its flow.

    You should look at the autorunner template (accessible when you are starting Construct) to see how they do it.

    Or post your own capx so we can point out how to fix your current specific project.

  • Kyatric i've send you a tweet with the links!

  • Kyatric dropbox .com/s/8ubq7v6j0ctydpm/dot.caproj?dl=0

    That is the link for the capx file...

    Sorry for the link

  • your link is to a caproj file not a capx file so unable to access all contents

    see ... laborating

  • RamPackWobble if you download the file it wil be a capx file.. thnx for reply!

  • I had already downloaded the file...

  • Thanks! Can u work on it?

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  • The link you sent me through twitter is invalid as well. Also, please don't send me links like that through twitter, try to post them publicly in the forums more people will be able to check them out and help you.

    Posting the dropbox URL as you did as text is OK.

    As mentioned by RamPack the link you give in this thread is correct but only links to a .caproj file.

    This is a single file that is useless for us since we don't have the rest of the project.

    As mentioned in the manual article that previously was linked to you, a complete archive (and of interest to share a project) is .capx (that you obtain when you "Save as single file" from within Construct 2).

    Without the complete project, there's nothing for us to see and help you with.

  • Kyatric RamPackWobble i will fix it and send the link in the forum.. I'am new with this

  • you can trigger the creation of platforms if the platforms can be destroyed so lets say you have a targeted platform numbers that will be 20 that will be the condition when the platforms will be start to get created if they are lower then that number so the condition will look like this

    If platforms.count (<= lessorequal) 20 -------> {Action} create platform at X Y

    this way whenever the count of platforms are less then 20 another 1 will automatically be created..

  • Kyatric this is the full project.. i'am sorry

    Kyatric dropbox .com/home/Construct%202%20project

    RamPackWobble dropbox .com/home/Construct%202%20project

    i will try this.. Thnx!

    it have workt! the only thing is that it doesn't spawn more than 20... do u know how?

  • So Niek, you are new OK, but please.

    No need to spam posts in a row.

    If you have to add informations to an already existing post use the top right pen icon to EDIT the post.

    Otherwise you are bumping the thread, which is not allowed apart if 24 hours have passed since the last post.

    As you can see I've edited your previous posts so the relevant content fits in a single one.

    Again, the dropbox link you gave is the same as the link you sent me over twitter and is not valid.

    Save your project as a single capx file. Save this capx file to your public folder, post the public link to your capx file.

    No need to alert.

    In the code given by gamecorpstudio, you see he makes you check if platform.count is less or equal 20.

    That's where the limit is.

    Modify 20 by something else, and you are good to go.

    Or delete already existing platforms you are not using anymore so you keep platforms.count under 20 and so have more spawned...

  • Kyatric i'am sorry but its alright now


  • it have workt! the only thing is that it doesn't spawn more than 20... do u know how?

    yes it wont spawn more then 20 cause the main condition will be maxim 20 right? so if you want to spawn 100 change the number to 100 and so on

    hope it will work

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