[NOT SOLVED] Simulate latency.

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  • Hello, a question about the object and multiplayer action "simulate latency".

    If you use this action in the example "real-time game," players sometimes disappear and reappear in the position in which they were located.

    I would like to know what's going exactly, does the player is disconnected and reconnected ?.

    Why your graph disappears and then reappears ?.

  • Nobody has an answer?

    Could the moderators move this question to some other section where someone can help me ?.

  • I guess your answer would be much easier to answer if you would either share your events or the capx..

    Like the manual explains, simulate latency should only be added to the host when testing local, since that guarantees every message in the game will have delay added..

  • I saw it in the documentation.

    I think I'm doing well.

    What I do not understand is that the players disappear and appear, sometimes appear when I press a button and others automatically appear.


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  • Hello again, here is a very clear example of what happens.

    Notice how increases the value of the variable "ReconnectsPEER" in the peer group.

    Each time the PEER graph disappears and reappears, this variable increases its value and "On created" is True again.

    I have problems in my game because of this and ask you please if anyone can check it, it does not seem normal to the graph of PEER disappears.

    HOST graph disappears often.

    Tests I've done have been on the same PC with two different browsers.

    Normally you only have to wait one minute or less to occur.


    Please Ashley or zenox98, May review this?.

  • Please, anyone can check this ?.

    Is it necessary "on created" is true whenever the sprite reappears?

    Is this normal ?, is it a bug ?, I have to adapt my game to this situation or is an error that must be corrected in multiplayer object?.

    I really do not understand, what should I do when the sprite disappears? Is there any way to figure out when is this happening ?.

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