I need help with my project's properties

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  • Hi, so here's my question.

    I'm starting a big project, and I'd love for it to someday be a part of the Steam library of games.

    But my question is... what template or set of properties should my project have?

    It's basically a (manual-sidescrolling) platformer, and of course I want it to be 16:9 proportions.

    But I don't get what's the difference between widescreen, 16:9, and HD.

    I've chosen Landscape 16:9, but I'm hoping this doesn't end up backfiring in the future.

    Did I choose ok?

    Help would be really appreciated.

  • Your on the right track. Remember nothing you do is written in stone. You can always make adjustments. You'll never get the feel of the subtle differences in different sizes and how they work across different devices until you jump in and try it.

    I like to use 480x800.

    Good Luck.

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  • Look at existing games and what window sizes they support and copy them. If you have any manual sidescrolling games you take as an example,

    it would be wise to closely look at what they're doing right and mimick it.

  • I'll be tinkering with the options, but I think I got it right with the settings I chose.


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