Need confirmation that I'm using LocalStorage correct.

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  • I switch to LocalStorage plug-in from WebStorage because WebStorage wasn't saving my high score variables anymore for this game. The thing is, I don't know if I encounter a bug when I updated from r200-r206. Here is the load down of what happen:

    Created project with r200

    WebStorage worked

    Update Construct to r206

    Found out the hard way that WebStorage doesn't work anymore for whatever reason

    Learned that LocalStorage replaces WebStorage

    Delete WebStorage and added in LocalStorage with events

    Still can't save variables.

    What is going on? I will include a link of a stripped down version of my game with LocalStorage set up. ... 2cautosave

    I like to point out that I recently saved an older project that uses WebStorage in r206 and it saves that game's high scores just fine and dandy.

  • In Event 5 you should be loading the value into the high score variable.

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  • Thanks but it's still a no go... (tested as a html 5 page and nw.js)

    What I did to event 5 was I change from a LocalStorage: Set Item "rocket_high_score" to LocalStorage.ItemValue to a System: Set Value Variable: "rocket_high_score" to LocalStorage.ItemValue. Is that the correct way?

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