Music Volume always at maximum (crosswalk android)

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  • Hey, everyone,

    I’ve encountered a bug / error which I can’t walk around so i ask you guys if you have any ides...

    For referent, everything is working fine in website export:

    When I export the same game for crosswalk and build the app everything works, but the music is always playing at maximum volume... ( I have an option menu where you can set the volume....) it also works in the intel XDK emulator without problems...

    Also I have trouble getting the tilt control to run. Touch works without problems. I’ve activated the accelerometer plugin in crosswalk and added the necessary options in construct 2 [quote:1s8vgmfr] gamma orientation = -20 MOVE playerbox.movingspeed*dt pixels at angle 180

    Any thoughts on this? i really want to get this game done but those issues are very demotivating :/

    Kind regards


    Edit: I’ve also uploaded the apk for arm, just in case anyone wants to test the game on their device... I’ve still having some trouble with lags on start of the main layout...

    and as always: Thank you very much for your help!

    Edit2: ive also tryed to import the music file as sound, which solves the issue. i can set the sound and the music volume seperatly. the problem with this is, the app then takes 4 minutes just to start (stuck at the loading screen at 60%) which is also unacceptable...

    shouldnt this go much faster as the music isnt streamed when compiled with crosswalk?

  • just updated to the latest xdk version, unfortunatelly the problem peresists...

    its alwaysthe same, sound and jitter problems. ive also read that android is slow in decoding sounds, thats wye it takes so long to start when i Import the music as sound...

    both circumstances are so not acceptable

    Ashley , could that be a cosntruct bug or is at just an issue with crosswalk? are there any workarounds? is it even possible to develop a "good" game with construct2 for android? i just love constuct and i love making games with it, but whats the use if you cant publish them?

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  • Same problem here, i created volume control and it works fine in the browser and in xdk emulator but not working on android device.

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