How do I make a multiple users menu?

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  • Hello! New C2 user here.

    I would like to make a start menu for multiple users, like this:

    And these are my actions (“Utente” is the Italian word for “User”, btw):

    Now...if there’s not a save file slot yet, is the “on load failed” event right? I can’t test this part because I still don’t understand where the program puts the save slots on the hard drive!

    And how do I erase the save slot (with the classic “trash” icon) if an “erase save” action doesn’t exist?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Personally, I would store this data in a Dictionary. A Dictionary is used to store and re-call data which you can identify with a 'key' - a unique identifier. In this case, I would make your 'key' be the Player's name (so long as another player hasn't already used that name of course!), and in the value I would store 'SaveStateJSON'. The value 'SaveStateJSON' is only available in events called by the condition 'On save complete', and represents the snapshot of the game that is created for a save fil.

    You should then use Local Storage to hold the contents of the Dictionary, so that it can be recalled at a later date. Local Storage is worth getting your head around - but I would advise reading the complete manual entry on the subject before moving forward with it. A lot of questions about LocalStorage posted on here can be fixed by actually reading the manual - it is not entirely as straightforward as it seems!

  • Okay, I'll give the Dictionary/Local Storage a try, thank you very much!

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