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  • Hi all - I looked around and found a couple of multi player tutorials but it didn't seem like they address this particular question. Perhaps they do and I just wasn't getting it. Apologies if this is the case.

    So I am trying to make an improv game. Teams will take turns using the same device (phone, tablet, etc...) They will not be playing at the same time. The structure will be somewhat similar to the game app Reverse Charades.

    Anyone know of a good tutorial or a good place to start to learn the concepts necessary to implement this?


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  • You can to use a variable to control players' time. How will the game be?

  • I'm thinking I'll have rounds. So say you have two teams playing. One team will be given a scene to imrov. After they are done they will be scored via a scoring system I am still working out. After the scoring phase team 2 will be given a scene to improv. After they are done they will be scored. End of round 1. Then the 2nd round starts and we start the cycle over again. So I basically need the game to recognize when one teams turn is over and the other teams turn begins. Does that make sense?

  • I suppose that each team need to draw the scene. Am I right?

    You need just a control variable to know when is first and second team turn.

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