How do I make moving clouds for a fixed platform game?

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  • Hi guys,

    i wanted to request some help to make moving clouds, i'm making a fixed screen pvp platformer and i need the clouds to move from left to right at slightly different speeds and positions...

    Any help?

  • When I do this I use "every tick" and "system create object"

    create a cloud off the left edge of the screen.. at Y random(300) for the X and Y size you will enter "random(10,100) or what ever you like, this will create random sizes.

    and then a "every tic" to move the cloud "forward" and random(10) or what ever speed you wish.

    this will give you, random size, random speed and random positions

    hope this helps

  • I prefer to use the Bullet behavior rather than "every tock".

  • I didn't understand your instructions TonyW, didn't come quite clear, humm i tried this!

    It does the job, but if someone has a better solution, i would love to learn

    VX and VY are the original position of each object (they are hundreds of pixels outside the left edge of the layout

  • thats what I was say'n basically, sorry if i confused you.

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  • Hello,

    you can do it by adding a "Sin" behavior to your "Cloud" image




    Wave: Sawtooth

    as you play with Properties, you can make many effects for your clouds !

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