How do I move a Sprite without changing it's angle

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  • Hello, I have a touch screen game I am developing for Android. I probably have an easy question to answer!

    I can tap on the screen and my sprite will move towards the coordinates. I'm currently using SetAngleTowards.

    The sprite has bullet behaviour so it will move towards the tapped co-ordinates.

    I don't want the sprite to 'rotate' as moves around the screen, it is obviously spinning around at the moment (because the angle is being changed when I tap). I want the sprite to stay at the same orientation always.

    Seems like I need some sort of MoveTowards command that doesn't affect the rotation/angle of the sprite.

    What's an easy way of making the sprite stay in a fixed rotation point as it moves around the screen? I thought about doing it in animation frames, but seems like a big hassle. There must be an easier way.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You can make a invisible box, and assign the bullet behavior to that.

    Then assign "pin" behavior to the image, but only pin it in "position"

    that way it will always face upright while moving via the bullet behaviour

  • Got you, of course. Thanks for the quick reply!

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