How do I move from point A to point B?

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  • I'm pretty fresh in Construct. I watched some tutorials, but never found an answer how to solve my problem.

    I have an idea for a simple game for my children. It has to be a project that calms restless minds.

    Graphically very simple game, because the content is the key to have fun in this game.

    If I make a demo then I will show it with a big joy, but now I'm stuck.

    I need to make a point system deployed in space.

    You can only move from point to point always choosing one with the keyboard.

    Points symbolize different rooms in some building.

    I'm starting at the point Start.

    I got a message where I am.

    I have two options, move left (point A) or right (point B) with arrows keys.

    I choose move to point A.

    The cube pretending a player moves smoothly,

    similar like a point on the map.

    Cube moves automatically when I've used arrow key once.

    Cube stops at point A.

    I got a message where I am.

    Next I can choose one from four directions to movement: point B, point C, point D or go back.

    And so non-stop:

    • I choose the available direction
    • I got the message where I'm
    • I got the second message which direction I may choose
    • I choose...

    Also along the way there will be some sounds put in the space.

    It's for greater playability, this points will emit the sounds of real rooms.

    This sounds are hints.

    This is the basis concept because messages are generated randomly from a few possible for certain situation in certain point.

    The idea is to make this trip on the map not boring

    and primarily to calm mind

    For every tip I will be extremely grateful.

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  • Thats a whole system you need to make here.

    Its totaly possible and not to hard too do, but it will need some work.

    You should start with making the points.

    You will need to be able to identify them so make an instance variable and give everyone a specific number oder string.

    After that make the player and give him a variable to store his actual position, so you can generate options, sounds or messages depending on the players position.

    After that you need a system to give the player moving options depending on his actual position.

    After that you need to actualy move the player to a new position.

    Thats the core if that works fine you can start adding content like sounds or messages.

    The messages should be randomly generated depending on situations and position?

    So thats a whole new chapter then.

  • Thanks a lot!

    I have a good starting point now, because before I didn't know even how to start

    And yes, the informations at a given point and the sounds in a specific location are random from a given range for each point.

    Now I will disappear to create moving between points. I will finish this first to have good foundation.

    But something I feel I'll be back with another question

    Thanks again!

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