Can I move particles along a path?

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  • I'm looking at the particles tool, which is ideal, but I'd like to move the particles along a path. It looks like I can add a 'pathfinder' behaviour to the particles sprite, but I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. Is this possible? Thank you.

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  • To answer my own question... yes I think this can be done using 'pathfinder' after looking at the advanced example, but it's confusing.

  • Pathfinder is a movement with node based pathfinding.(finds way around obstacles using the shortest method aka straight lines)

    I think you may be expecting something like these instead:

    Unless you want a to b movement:

    All of which can be done on your own using interpolation expressions.

  • Thanks, I looked but still don't have any idea how to move particles on a path, other than by the standard obstacle avoidance method. I want the particles to follow a specific path. I don't think this can be done... at least not by me!

  • You can move the emitter anyway you want.

    Particles can only be moved by the particle behavior. (emitting away, sizing, falling ....)

    You can of course parallax the layer with the particles on, hell of a job, because it is a 'reversed movement' on a object with the scroll behavior attached to. And then you are stuck with parallaxing the other layers, if needed.

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