How do I move objects to another project?

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  • I got my license today!

    I was continuing development of the game by splicing it into new project "sections" every time I hit the event limit. Now I want to piece everything together starting with the enemy types.

    The event sheet I can just copy/paste, but only if the enemy object are in the project. I can just look over and completely recreate it in the new project, but it would be really convenient if there was some way I could have both projects open and simply move one object over to the other. However when I try this it doesn't work, is this a thing that can be done?

  • Figured it out:

    Open your project. Then open the project with the thing you want to copy. Go to that object's layout. Rightclick copy that, then paste it back into the desired project's layout, then copy the event sheets.

  • Thanks, will try it.

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  • Just be sure to include any other object from your original project (keyboard, mouse, arrays, etc) or you will get a lot of errors while pasting your event sheets

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