How do I move between layouts and remember position?

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  • I'm going to have the game consist of multiple layouts that together make up the game map.

    I know how to move from layer to layer, whoever how can i create something like this;

    • when i'm in layout 1 and i move to layout 2 i want to be on the left side of layout 2 (because that is the direction i came from)
    • now if i move to layout 3 i want to be on the left side of layout 3 again.
    • now if i move back to layout 2 i want to be on the right side of the map.

    I tried to recreate it with a global variable that remembers which side i existed in last time but i think the code that changes the layout runs and doesn't do any other code..? I also use the same event sheet for every layour if that makes any difference.

    So any help?

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  • .. actually i just got it to work and came back to post the .capx lol[/code:3es20waq]
    Thanks either way! I'm gonna check that out and see which code is better!
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