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  • Hi,

    I´m new here, I´m doing my first game using Construct 2 and I have a lot of doubts, I read some tutorial, but I don´t find how to move my Character automatically. how do i move the character without any input

    Thank you very much.

  • Easiest ways are to either give your character the 8-way behavior and then use "simulate" events or to give your character the bullet behavior and then simply set a speed on creation (or start of layout) to move right and a negative speed to go left.. (or change its angle or facing).

    I would recommend starting with the monster shooter basic tutorial and looking at the example templates that come with construct 2.

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  • It's a plat former game. and this is the part of the story line. the character have to move to the end of the level automatically. i tried some check point collion and jump , but that is not reliable.

    Hoe do i move my character in a specific path in platformer...

  • I can think of no other way for platformer. You will need to simulate the controls using the platformer events and tweak the collision (I would use on-overlap with invisible trigger sprite) until it works like you want. You are basically scripting AI like you would for enemy behavior except for player.

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