Mouse click changing values not working?

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  • Wanted to start off by saying Hello! I have intermediate level knowledge on Construct 2 and have just recently begun my first full game.

    This is a potentially stupid question since I am currently sleep deprived and burnt out on working on coding all day...

    Anyway, I am working on the basic menu system and had wanted a mouse click to change the graphics settings. However using this event sheet:

    (if the image doesn't load the imgur code is 4dDB5VQ)

    It doesn't change the variable or the text, though it does play the sound effect "Mouse".

    Also for context the text object is "GRAPHICS: HIGH" at launch.

    Any help would be awesome and greatly appreciated.



  • Looks like you need an OR for the two events, because if the 1st event is true, it changes the value of 'GRAPHICS' which then makes the second event true.

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  • if it can be only 1 or 0, an else would be a better choice.

  • if it can be only 1 or 0, an else would be a better choice.

    Thanks so much! Worked great.

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