Monetization - Virtual Goods/Ads [SOLVED]

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  • Hey, guys.

    Question about offering virtual in game goods in Construct 2 for real cash.

    (Mind you this would be only optional in the game I'm making if somebody really wants to step it up occasionally for virtual invincibility, which can be fun).

    I found so many tutorials, many of them defunct or only applicable to specific operating systems like Windows 8.


    1) Is Facebook right now the best way to sell virtual in game goods via Construct 2? If not, what is? What are the other options for iOS, Android? PC? Mac? PS4? XBox?

    2) If I follow the Scirra publish to Facebook tutorial and then do all the necessary Facebook steps to set up, will I be able to offer optional virtual good sales within my game?

    3) What are the best options for integrating ads?

    4) Are these ad integrating options the industry standard for other developers (Cocos, etc.) or some plugins specific just to Construct 2?

    5) What are the industry standard options for integrating ads/virtual good sales?

    This is of some importance to me because I'm trying to decide whether to publish a Construct 2 game at all once I have the prototype done or go straight into Unity for a remake.

    I am not knocking Construct 2 here at all because I think it's great proto-typing software and I think there could be some initial publicity value, even before the Unity versions are done, but I would like to offer the game with all its intended features and make sure I don't fall into any pitfalls like shady/buggy/not widely used 3rd party plugins which could compromise the game/not realize full revenue potential.

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  • Has anyone tested the Facebook virtual good sales features via Construct 2 at least?


    I'm gonna mark this as solved as I found some more info by Googling this forum as opposed to straight Googling.

    I'm actually impressed by the functionality that's currently available in C2 out of the box with regards to monetisation.


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