Mobile Pet sim (think Tamagotchi or Chao)how to avoid bloat?

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  • My Skill level: I've got over a decades worth of experience with Game Maker and numerous released projects that have been critically well received by some major outlets. I have worked on 2 different Construct2 projects so far, one was using a pre-built engine to familiarize myself with the tool, and the second was a simple Tapper/Clicker/Idle game I built from the ground up.

    My Idea: I want to make a simple pet raising/breeding sim for mobile devices. Think something like a Tamagotchi or the Chao in Sonic Adventure. I'd like to have multiple pets on screen, various ways to interact with them, and a shop to purchase items for them.

    The problem: Even with my limited knowledge of Construct2, I'm fairly positive that I could pull this off. But there is an issue, my last project was a very simple game (aforementioned Idle/tapper/clicker game) that I apparently optimized very poorly for mobile devices. The studio I work at liked the idea and the art I made (I am an artist/animator first, developer second) so we rebuilt it pretty quickly in Unity and shipped it. But I want to avoid that scenario in the future. With the idle game, I'm fairly certain that the issue was that the game was being bogged down due to a somewhat complex math formula being run every frame and tap (This formula multiplied each producer by it's respective production amount, then added all 10 of these amounts together, finally multiplying that amount by your bonus and prestige).

    What I'd like to know: What are some general suggestions for optimization inside of Construct2? What can I do to make sure the game runs as smoothly as possible? What are some common pitfalls that new developers run into that cause their games to run poorly on mobile devices? How would you suggest I tackle the systems in a pet-sim with Construct2 in order to have it running at peak performance?

    Thank you.

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  • In your event sheets, use groups to name / distinct parts of your programming. (right click event sheet, add group, and add stuff under that)

    Then, when you preview a project, keep an eye on the debugger's profiling tab.

    The groups are displayed there with % of CPU usage, now, this is not highly accurate, but a very good indication of how much resources a part of your events are using.

    So, throughout your project, when you preview, regularly check the debugger.

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