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  • I'm new to construct 2. I'm making a ball game in which we have to pick the right color ball in right color of wheel i.e. red ball in red wheel.

    I have used 6 balls red,green,yellow,allcolor ball,pink and orange and 5 wheels red,green,yellow,orange and pink.

    But in the scoring event , Everytime when i rotate the wheels ,my score increases continously.Instead it has to score when we catch the balls correctly and how to display high score also??

    Can anyone knows how to do it?

  • Sounds like you need to :

    A - Learn to read the topics where you post first (the How do I FAQ is not supposed to be where you post questions)

    B - Learn to read C2's manual

    C - Post a capx of the project you are working on (attach it to your post) since the answers depends on how you have exactly set your project so far.

    D - Learn to be patient (from your ancient posts where you mention "I need the answer today" or the 1 hour bump you made in the How do I FAQ).

    Those are not appropriate ways to behave on our forums !

  • ok...Thanks !

  • this is for kyatric Sir

    Please support .

    I have not expected this from your forum .

    The topic that i had asked in this forum is not in your manual link.

    I know that i have done mistake like ...i want the solution now !

    Please don't be aggressive ! I find your reply post aggressive ! 1 hour bump....word ??

    Ok !!! Kyatric


    You have not mentioned any link where to put capx. Can you please reply me...where to put capx file.

  • lol.. I only ever see dick comments from that guy on here. kinda funny really. Think he's a mod as well. hmmmmm

  • Remmy112, If constructive criticism that is clear and to the point is considered a "dick comment", you are right.

    Kumar Suhel, is it possible for you to upload your capx (using dropbox, for example)?

    The answer to your question depends a lot on how you have things set up in your capx at the moment.

    There are many examples on the forum and in the tutorial section on things like how to display high score and this site has a great search function.

    One possible way is to have a global variable "Score" and a global variable "Highscore" and chek if the variable "score"is higher than the variable "Highscore"

    system compare two values - "Score" > "Highscore" - System set variable "Highscore" = "Score"

  • lol.. I only ever see dick comments from that guy on here. kinda funny really. Think he's a mod as well. hmmmmm

    Remmy112 Lol!! Dont tell about yours. I have not asked !I i have not see these type of comments from that guy on here. kinda funny really. I think , he lost his mind hmmmmm

  • LittleStain

    Thanks bro.....Ok ! I will put my .capx file.

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  • You asked about scores and hiscores. Seriously, if you haven't grasped the concept of global variables, you'll have a hard time with anything you try to do. LittleStain has helped there.

    Anyways... you could store your wheel colours as seperate frames in one WheelSprite animation (speed set to 0 - from the image editor)

    Same with the balls, but in a seperate BallsSprite object.

    If ball collides with wheel, check if the animation frames are the same. If so, then success.. if not.. then... fail..

    If you still have problems, type procrastinator and I'll get an alert to remember this post.. and will do something when I get time tomorrow

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