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  • I am trying to make a Mario Engine, and I'm using Super Mario Bros. (for the NES) theme to do so. I have most things so far working alright, but my Mario running animation is extremely weird. Mario runs for one frame, goes to idle for the next frame, and does the second running animation afterward, and it looks off. If anyone could help me that would be appreciated!



  • There are probably multiple things that could be wrong. Do you have a capx or screenshot to show your events? The animation shouldn't change into another animations on its own, so it's most likely your events.

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  • This is a screenshot of my event sheet. I circled the area in which Mario's animations are controlled. I was thinking maybe I've got something wrong with the animations itself, which I got from a sprite sheet.

  • Actually, I've decided to change the project over to the style of New Super Mario Bros, and I've already made a project with those animations.


  • use Triggers instead.

    those events you have circled in red are happening 60 times per second.

    instead use an event that has that RIGHT GREEN ARROW

    On Jump

    On Landed

    On Moved

    etc... these will only trigger once

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