How do I make Map save system in .txt(or any other format)

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  • Hello everyone, well I am creating a game that is a level editor, those that have blocks, enemies, etc., and press a button to play (Super Mario Maker style). I've come a long way with the game, but I need help making the save system, someone can explain how.

    Practically what I want to do is that by pressing a button, a text box appears (I already have it done) put the name of your map, press another button and the map is created in the internal memory of the cell in a folder dedicated to Game (the game is for android) as a .txt (no matter what format it is, the point is to save the map data in the) and then in the game menu presses another button to let you choose the file with A file chooser and open the map you saved.

    Sorry if it's a lot but the truth, I can not keep moving in the game until I have the mapping system.

    Thank you!

    P.D .: sorry for my English :b

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