How do I make a map that can have individual provinces?

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  • What I am talking about is a game like Rome Total War with cities, or Call of War with provinces.. maybe like Age of Civilizations?

    Here is picture of "Call of War" map

    Here is picture of "map"

    So is there a way to make each province or state on the map a separate object in construct 2 to enable me to name them and give them color (owner)

    I know there are some useful tools like shoebox but it doesn`t really work for me, I can manually place in every state in its place, any ideas? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" />

    Or is there a way to change color of provinces (inside of whole map) with events?

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  • I believe your only option will be to cut out each state and make it a separate sprite with its own variables for ownership... you could place regions into their own family and set them all at once as well. Another option would be to cut the regions out in your favorite art program and place the new sprite of the region over the existing one and turn it visible/invisible as needed... then you could shade it whatever color you like and set its transparency to look like the state itself is shaded.

    Lastly, you could use icons instead of shading to show the state of the states and then do large regional sprite overlay for when the whole territory is controlled...

    Several options but none will be "easy".

  • Yeah, one way is to cut out all these hundreds of provinces and save them as individual sprites, or frames in one sprite.

    Or you can use Canvas plugin to fill individual provinces with color (like a Bucket tool in any image editor).

    But you'll still need some kind of list/index with coordinates of each province. Maybe make a simple capx where you click at the center of each province on the map and it saves click position into an array. Then export this array as JSON and import into your game.

  • Definitely cut out each province as an independent sprite.

    The Outline effect by R0j0 will be useful to get contiguous borders for like colors.

    Recommend giving each "color/player" its own layer so you can more easily work with blend modes and outlines.

    If set up well, you will only need to change the layer of a province sprite object to change ownership/color. All the visual effects will already be applied on the destination layer.

  • Thank you all for responding.. I guess I could use a map with smaller amount of states to make it easier

  • I would definately prototype with a smaller version

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