Maintaining pieces' turn order in chess-like game

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  • Well, first of all hello, I'm fairly new to this engine and forum and I'm having trouble with a chess-like turn based multiplayer (local) game. I read all the tutorials and a lot of threads, but most games are just 1 against 1; In my game, each player controls 4 "pieces" that move one at a time, i.e, I move the first piece "A1", click on "end turn" and the game switches to "B1". When you are B1 and click on "end turn" it goes to "A2" and so on.

    Thus far the turns work great, but the problem is, how do I keep the turns in order when one piece dissappears? Is there a better/easier way to make the turn system?

    I will upload a .capx file to show how my turn system works, but in the meantime I can tell you that it's fool proof, and I'm not even using arrays because I learnt how to use them after I made this turn system, sorry for being newb xD

  • where is the capx?

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  • Oh, nevermind, I switched to the "click on the piece to move" system, it's less of a pain to code. Can close the thread now, bye bye!

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